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“ How To Be Better” In 2017

Author: Julie Guo Time: 2017-11-17 09:00:00

This year more than ever we asked HOW?

They care about the weather. They care about disasters. They care about people who need help. They care about their rights and responsibilities. They fear war. They worry about estrangement. They expect to become better people. Not only do they want to understand the world, they want to contribute to change the world.Hope we are too.

For hengxing group , How to built a better team? How to make team work more efficient?How ro make our main products such as galvanized steel core pc strand,hose wire and steel cord have more market in the Internation?

In order to have an professional team ,expect the rich experience in the steel wire field, we always have continuous skill training and study.We are so proud to say Hengxing group is the constitutors of national standard in the steel wire field.

Last week ,our exporting trade department have built an interesting activities for better team work.We enjoyed it so much. And learn about  each other better.

How in 2017