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Diamond saw wire

Author: hengxing Time: 2020-08-07 18:38:22

Diamond Wire is a special high strength steel wire with single layer diamond abrasive fixed on its surface.


It had strong capability for cutting large size, super hard and brittle crystalline materials, such as monocrystalline/polycrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, sapphire, crystal and other precious crystals. Compared with free abrasive cutting wire. It has the advantages of lower overall processing costs, improvement of processing quality and reduction of environmental influence ect.


Diamond wire is mainly used in the field of monocrystalline silicon, polysrystalline silicon cutting and slicing; cutting of sapphire ingots in the field of LED; cutting of magnetic materials such as neodymium magnets; cutting of hard and brittle materials such as silicon carbide, ceramics, ect.

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Drawing of wire saw
1-Wire saw products
2-Wire saw matrix(Bare wire)
3-Coating thickness
4-Abrasive blade height
5-Envelope wire diameter of wire saw
6-Wire saw diameter
7-Bare wire diameter
8-Abrasive particle  accumulation diameter

 The advantages as following of diamond wire in the cutting process:

 reducing the load on the material, and then enabling TTV, silk marks, damaged layers are reduced to the minimum


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